John Hughes High School is having their annual talent show and maddie rachel lindsay and felicity entering but as it turns out alexa mackenzie and jade are too to beat them and the Micheal Family gets a suprise  visit from  Bens  younger brother Warren  .

Scene 1Edit

At John Hughes High School*

In Homeroom*

Maddie Hey Lindsay ( At her desk)

Lindsay hi Maddie( sits by next her at another desk*)

Rachel walks  by them

Rachel hey guys

Felicity Hey

Maddie hey felicity

Lindsay and Maddie hey Rachel

Rachel Maddie

Maddie looks at Tristan

Rachel Maddie

Maddie what

Rachel you love Tristan Hampton dont you maddie

Felicity yeah you have a total crush on him

Maddie isnt it obvious he is cute

Lindsay well uh oh

Maddie What

Lindsay Mackenzie his girlfriend

Rachel  I Hate Her

Mackenzie Carter

Maddie Anderson

Maddie  i want him so bad

Tristan Hey Maddie

Maddie hi Tristan

Tristan im sorry about mackenzie she can be a snob most-

Mackenzie TRISTAN

Tristan gotta go

Maddie bye

Lindsay  he talked to you

Maddie Yes Smiles*

Lindsay Maddie and Rachel head off to History  Class* 

Maddie Walks by With Lindsay Rachel and Felicity*

Mackenzie and Maddie Glare at each other

Mr Polk Settle down Settle Down  I Have a Acounncement we are having arehaving our annaual talent show if anyone wants to sign up feel free

Rachel Why dont We Sign Up

Felicity Yeah

Felicity Maddie Tristans looking at you

Maddie Really Turns Around

Tristan Looks at Maddie

Maddie  Whoa

Lindsay I know Right

Tristan Walks by Maddie

Tristan look 

Maddie dont Worry  here

Tristan what this

Maddie its my Phone number

Tristan ok puts it in  his binder 

Mackenzie walks over  with Jade Adrienne and Alexa

Mackenzie What Are you Doing Stay Away From Him (to maddie)

Maddie he can Date Anyone he wants

Mackenzie well see and we are going to beat you at the talent show

Jade Yeah  and you are such a loser maddie

Chelsea Im  Sorry  that my sister is being mean to you Maddie

Brandon me too

Maddie its fine

Rachel Walks over to Mr Polk with Maddie Felicity and Lindsay We Would Like to Sign Up For the Talent Show Mr Polk

Mr Polk Alright

Scene 2Edit

at the Carter Home in Maddies Room *

Maddie what song are we going to sing

Lindsay I Dont Know

David Carter Walks in*

Maddie were just about to order pizza do you

Maddie yeah can my friends stay for dinner

David yes

Felicity thanks mr carter

David No Problem sweetheart

Maddie ok what songs or artists do we have  Rachel

Rachel well we have britney spears  katy perry

Phone Rings

Maddie hello

Tristan Maddie its Tristan

Maddie puts the phone to her chest  YES

Rachel  Its Tristan

Maddie Yeah

Maddie Hey 

Tristan i just wanted to see if you were ok

Maddie yeah  tristan i really like you

Tristan really

Maddie yeah  

Tristan  ok

Maddie ok  this is akward laughs*

Tristan i ll see you in school i guess

Maddie yeah

Tristan bye

Maddie bye

Rachel looks at  her  OMG Feilcity Lindsay   shes blushing

Maddie stop

Felicity you have a crush on tristan

Maddie ok i do

Lindsay   we should get back to the song for the talent  show

Felicity ok

Maddie sure

Scene 3Edit

At Karate Class *

Maddie Im So Going To Beat Her

Sensei Attention class is about to begin

Maddie ok

Sensei Maddie you will be sparring with kaylee  gomez

Maddie okay

They begin sparring  Maddie Knockouts Kaylee

Sensei Great Job Maddie

Scene 4Edit

At  John Hughes High School*

Brandon what are you going to do about mackenzie tristan

Tristan I dont know

Jake Hey

Nathan Hi

Brandon and Tristan Hey Jake hi Nathan

Tyler (to tristan brandon nathan  and jake) Hey i just sign us up for the talent show

Tristan Thats great ty

Brandon yeah what song are we going to do

Tristan Yeah

Maddie Walks by  *

Tristan Hey Maddie

Maddie Hey Tristan

Jake you like maddie

Tristan Maybe ( blushes)

Brandon he has a crush on her

Tristan so

Brandon youve got to tell her tristan

Jake This is a big deal

Nathan Huge

Tristan Really

Tyler yeah

Tristan okay

Jake well weve better pratice for the talent show

Tristan  lets go

Nathan Yeah

Brandon argeed

Tyler lets get going then

Scene 5 Edit

Trent House

Alexa's phone rings

Braydon over hears

Alexa: Hey, Mackenzie

Mackenzie: Hey, Alexa, I can't wait to crush Maddie, Rachel and Felicity in the talent show.

Alexa: I can't wait either, we are so gonna beat them, well bye.

Mackenzie: Bye.

Braydon walks in

Braydon: Why do you have to me such a snob?

Alexa: Well, I am a "snob" because I'm popular and that is what everyone expects, and I love being mean.

Braydon: You don't have to be mean

Alexa: Yes, I do.

Braydon You know what just dont talk to me

Alexa FINE Hits Braydon*

Braydon:  Ow (whispers) Snob.

Braydon walks away

At the Anderson House *

Mackenzie goes on the her laptop to talk with jade

Angelina why do you have to pick on us

Mackenzie pushes her

Angelina im telling  mom and dad

Angelina runs downstairs

Angelina dad  mom

Connie yes sweetie

Mark yes

Angelina mackenzie pushed me

Mark ok thats it

Connie mark

Mark and Connie run upstairs

brody jesse erica and alana follow *


Connie mackenzie why do u have to be  mean to us

Mackenzie i dont care slaps Angelina*

Connie thats it youre grounded for 2 weeks

Mackenzie so what punches Alana in the face

Mark youre grounded for a month

Brody make it 2 months dad because she just gave me a dirty look

Mark Mackenzie you're grounded for 2 months

Jesse send her to broading school dad

Mackenzie hits Jesse hard that she gives him a black eye

Connie to jesse oh my

Mark Mackenzie Priscilla Anderson YOU ARE IN SO MUCH TROUBLE

Scene 6Edit

At The Hampton House

Felicitys in Her Room Listening to music with her brother Jeremy

Computer Beeps

Skatergirl99 and PerkyCheerleader77 Logged on

Skatergirl99 hey felicity

Singergirl hey maddie

PerkyCheerleader77hey guys  what u up to

Singergirl hanging with my brother jeremy

Stakergirl99 same here with my sis bianca

PerkyCheerlear77 felicity mackenzie and alexa are planning to really beat us at the talent show

Jeremy Why are mackenzie  and alexa trying  to beat you

Felicity  Mackenzies dating tristan and maddie has a crush on him

Jeremy oh

Frelicity yep

Skatergir99l what song are we  going to do

Singerergirl how about a little shaina twain

PerkyCheerleader77 that sounds perfect

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