Steal My Crush Away It Up
Season 2, Episode 16
First Aired Febuary 14,2013
Production Code 216
Writer(s) Fiolet4eva
Director(s) Fiolet4eva
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Steal My Crush Away It Up is the first Valentine's special.


When Rachel finds out about Talia's crush on Gabe, she plans to steal him away and her plan is to date Gabe(and it works!) ! Meanwhile, Starla returns as Flynn's babysitter (and he still crushes on her) Suzy gets EVEN MORE jealous than before when they go to a movie(Starla and Flynn).


Recurring CastEdit


Scene 1Edit

  • At Dimanda Elementry School*
  • At Suzy's locker*

Suzy: Hey Flynn.

Flynn: Guess what! Starla's coming over to babysit me again!

Suzy: Dude,she's only 4 years older than you! Why would a 13 yr. old babysit a 9 yr. old?

  • class bell*

Suzy: Cya!

  • Theme Song*

Scene 2Edit

At John Hughs Middle School

  • In Rachel's Homeroom*
  • Flashback-Before homeroom*
  • At Talia's locker*

Rachel: I know you like him.

Talia: *Rolls eyes* Who?

Rachel: Uh, Gabe. Duh!

Talia: No way!

Bianca: oh come on talia dont deny  it

Talia: im not.

Katelyn : yeah you are.

Rachel: *yells* GABE!

Talia: Shush!

Rachel: Admit it first.

Talia: Fine!

Rachel:I knew it!

Talia: I hate you so much right now.

Bianca: i agree.

Katelyn : yeah.

Rachel: Thanks!

  • class bell*
  • In Rachel's homeroom*

Rachel: *Whispers* Green, you are going down!

Homeroom Teacher: What was that Miss Rockwell?

Rachel: Oh nothing

Bianca: i think .

Talia: yep.

Homeroom Teacher: ms carter ms green and ms hampton get to class  right now..

Talia Bianca and Katelyn : yes sir

Scene 3Edit

Lunch at Dimanda Elementry

Suzy: Hey Flynn. FLYNN!

Flynn: Oh sorry. I was looking at Starla.

Suzy: At the Oh-I'm-Miss-Popular-Table?

Flynn: Yes and at least she's not mean like every other popular girl.

Suzy: Right.

Flynn: I can't wait 'till school is over!

Scene 4Edit

  • study hall with Gabe & Talia*

Gabe: Psst! Tal!

Talia: WHAT?

Gabe: Guess what?

Talia: again, WHAT?

Gabe: I'm dating Rachel Rockwell!

Talia: *frowns* Why her?

Bianca: why did you pick her  shes a bad influence on  you

Gabe: because

Katelyn: because why

Gabe: Well she did ask me out.

Talia: Mhmm I see. looking at bianca and katelyn

Scene 5Edit

  • Talia walks in*

Skyla: Taliiii!

Talia: Hey! *In a soft voice*

Skyla: I love presents!

Talia: (sighs)

Skyla: What's wrong Tali?

Talia: I don't think this would be appropriate for kids 7 years younger than me!

Skyla: Suzyyyyyy! 8In a yelling voice*

  • Suzy walks in*

(Skyla leaves room)

Suzy: What's going on?

Talia: Nothing!

  • Skyla closes the door*

Suzy: Just tell me what's wrong?

Talia: None of your business!

Suzy: Talia, I'll trust you on anything, I won't tell!

Talia: Fine, I'm jealous of Rachel and Gabe dating!

Talia: Well I also don't want Rachel to go to the dance with Gabe in a few days, can you help me?

Suzy: Sorry but I have to help Starla to babysit Flynn! (lied)

  • Suzy leaves*
  • Talia sighs*

Scene 6Edit

At Flynn's apartment

Doorbell rings*

Flynn: I'll get it STARLA!

Opens door*

Flynn: Hey Suzy!

Suzy: Hey Flynn!

Flynn: Starla's here!

Suzy: To babysit you?

Flynn: Yes!

Suzy: Oh yeah I forgot!

Starla walks up*

Starla: Hello!

Suzy: Hi! (Slows down)

Flynn: Well now that we can hang out for a while, what should we do?

Suzy: Can we go catch a movie?

Flynn: Sure! Can it be Galaxy Wars

Starla: Sure! Looks at watch* Oh look at the time your mom will be here in 15 minutes so can we do it another time?

Flynn: Sure just give me a call! (blushes)

Suzy: Well at least we are doing something together!

Flynn: Yeah about that! I uh gotta feed my pet turtle! Bye! Don't come back another time! shuts door*

Flynn: Well I guess it's just us! blushes in love*

Scene 7Edit

At Green's house

Doorbell rings*

Talia opens door*

Rachel: Hello, Green!

Talia: What are you doing here and why do you have a girl with you?

Rachel: To have a little chat and that's my little sister that I have to babysit for my mom, stupid!

Talia: Well maybe she can play with my little sister, Skyla!

Rachel: sighs* Cara, why don't you play with that girl over there!

Skyla: Hi, I'm Skyla!

Cara: Name's Cara!

Skyla: Lets play dollies!

Skyla and Cara leave*

Rachel shuts the door*

Rachel: Listen Green! Gabe is mine, deal with it!

Talia: I'm pretty sure he will pick a girl that is nothing like you!

Rachel: Well I'm pretty sure that he wouldn't pick a girl like you either!

Talia: He would!

Rachel: Listen, never be near Gabe, go that?

Talia: No way!

Rachel: Gabe is mine, not yours! Also, if you steal my date at the dance, it will be the worse night ever! Lets go Cara!

Skyla: She's trying to wreck my dollies!

Cara: sticks tounge out*

Skyla: sticks tounge out too*

Rachel and Cara leave*

Talia: She's also trying to wreck my crush! i have to call Bianca and Katelyn

Talia calls Bianca

phone rings at the carter house 

Derek : hello

Talia derek is bianca there

Derek:  hold on  bianca  talias on the phone

Bianca: hey talia  talking to talia in her room

Talia: bianca rachels trying to wreck my crush

Bianca: uh oh let me get katelyn 

taila and bianca call katelyn

phone  rings

Tristan: hello

Bianca: shawn is katelyn there

Talia its urgent

Tristan: hold on  katelyn phone

Katelyn : hi talia hey bianca

Talia : katelyn  rachel is trying to wreck my crush

Katelyn: whoa what are we going to do

Jessica: katelyn i need the phone

Katelyn: Jessica im on the phone

Jessica : mom  katelyn wont get off the phone

Melissa: jessica just let your sister talk with her friends

Katelyn :well i guess  we should try to convince gabe that shes a bad influence

Bianca good idea

Talia: yeah

Scene 8Edit

At Flynn's apartment

Flynn: So Suzy, should I look like this, (showing his normal clothes he is wearing), oh, how about this,(rips off his clothes) (shows a nice sweater and blue jeans), or even this, (rips off clothes again) ( shows a tuxedo)!

Suzy: First of all, your just going to a movie, and second of all just wear your normal clothing as you always do!

Flynn: This is for Starla, I want to look hot!

Suzy: Well I think we show discuss about..........

  • phone rings*

Flynn: Talk to you later, I have to make an important call!

Flynn closes door*

Suzy listens through door

Flynn: Hey, Starla!

Suzy: storms off and leaves*

Scene 9Edit

At John Hughs Middle School

During History class

Gabe: Psst! Tal! anica! Katy!

Bianca : what do you want ?

Talia: What?

Katelyn: What is it?

Gabe: Can you please pass this note to Rachel?

Talia: Can't you do it later?

Bianca: can u do it after class?

Gabe: I want to make it a suprise,the dance is in a few days!

Talia: Fine!

Katelyn : Ok

Gabe: Thanks!

Talia: No prob!

Talia walks to trash can*

Talia throws note away*

Scene 10Edit

At Chicago Cinema Theaters

Starla: Two tickets for Galaxy wars please!

Senior Worker: Okay here you go!

Starla: Thank you!

Flynn: Wow! He didn't realize we were kids!

Senior Worker: What was that?

Flynn: We didn't say anything sir!

Senior Worker: I definitely need hearing aid!

Suzy sneaks behind a standie with Cara and Skyla

Suzy: Okay here's the plan, Cara will pretend to be hurt and injured, and Skyla you will try to get people to help Cara.

Cara: Why do you have to be so cute?

Skyla: Hey that's mwean!

Suzy: Girls! Can you stick with the plan here?

Cara: But is this a twick to abandon me and Skyla?

Suzy: No, but I have to see whats going on between them so go!

Cara lays down feeling hurt*

Skyla: Help! Someone's hurt!

A lot of people come up to Skyla and Cara*

Suzy sneaks in theater room*

Scene 11Edit

At John Hugh's Middle School

At Talia's locker*

Talia slams locker door and turns around*

Rachel: Hey Green! Hey Carter Hey Hampton.

Bianca and Katelyn: Rachel

Talia: WHAT IS IT RACHEL? (angrily)

Rachel: Yeesh Green why don't you just shut up!

Talia: No thank you!

Gabe about to walk down to Rachel and hides by the corner to hear the conversation*

Rachel: And I think you should shut up about Gabe because he is mine!

Talia: Rachel give your heart a break because your just making my life miserable about me liking Gabe!

Rachel: Don't tell me what to do! Your not the boss of me!

Talia: Listen! You cannot tell me what I shouldn't be dating or what I should be dating because you are not my brain, and your the boss of me, I am nothing like that!

Rachel: Hmmm you seem hot so how about this! dumps a smothie on her head*

Bianca: thats rude and  you know it

Katelyn : and mean

Rachel : so what

Biianca: whatever lets

Talia: sobs*Bianca  takes Talia to the bathroom to clean her up Katelyn gets her a towel

Bianca: lets get derek maybe he can help walks to derek and molly

Katelyn: and molly

Gabe goes to Rachel*

Rachel: Hi Gabe! blushes with love*

Gabe: Ra..........

school bell rings*

Rachel: Gotta get to class! Bye! Make sure to call me! (making a "call me" sign)

Bianca Katelyn and Talia  walk towards Molly and derek

Bianca hi derek

Derek hey bianca

Katelyn Hey molly

Molly hi katelyn 

Bianca  we need you and molly to  help  us

Derek with what 

Talia comes up front

Molly what happend

Bianca it was rachel she dumped a smoothie on talias head

Derek have you tried ingoring her

Katelyn yeah but she keeps on doing this to us

Molly: Lets take her back to our house

Katelyn : yeah

At the Hampton House*

Katelyn there you go

Brittney and Jessica come downstairs*

Brittney:  what happend

Katelyn Rachel Dumped  a soomthie on Tailas head

Jessica : why

Taila Because  i have a crush on gabe and shes trying to wreck it

Brittney: well i  hate her sister Amber she called me a geek and stupid

Katelyn and Taila: Gasp why would she do that

Brittney: Because i get straight A's

Scene 12Edit

At the Chicago Cinema Theaters

At theater room

Suzy hides behind an empty seat*

Suzy: Where are they?

Suzy sneaks into next row and finds Starla and Flynn*

Suzy: There they are!

Suzy sneaks in the seats behind them

Flynn: So Starla.......... (Thoughts: what do I say? what do I say?)

Starla: Yes Flynn?

Flynn: Oh nothing but are you excited of seeing this movie!

Starla: I guess!

Flynn: Well I am too!

Suzy grabs out walkie talkie*

Suzy: I found Suzy and Flynn over!

Skyla: Suzzzzy! What do we do? This has been going on for 10 minutes and it has to get old eventually and they are about to call 9 something something! Over

Suzy: Uh oh! Well then be cute! over

Skyla: Suzzzy it's hard! Over

Suzy: Well just still try, gotta go! over

Skyla: Bye! Puts away walkie talkie* The girl is fine I forgot now who wants to cuddle me?

Everyone goes to Skyla*

Skyla: Well I guess it's eeeeeeeeasyyyyyy!

Suzy: Well I'll just sneak into Starla and Flynn's popcorn!

Suzy grabs a popcorn bag but spills*

Starla and Flynn turn around*

Starla: What was that?

Suzy sneezes*

Starla and Flynn look behind their seat

Flynn: Suzy?

Suzy: Hey Flynn! This is awkward!

Flynn: What are you doing here!

Suzy: I'm jealous!

Starla: I'm gonna go to the restroom!

Flynn: Okay *giggles*

Flynn: Of what?

Suzy: Of you and Starla!

Flynn: Oh, Suzy I am so sorry it's just that Starla is just getting in the way and I am trying to get over it because I still like you!

Suzy: Thanks Flynn!

Suzy and Flynn hug*

Skyla and Cara walk in*

Skyla: Suzy when can we leave?

Suzy: After the movie!

Scene 13Edit


Talia at the school dance

At the dance

Talia is in a table   with  Bianca  and Katelyn

Talia: Great now my life is gonna be miserable tonight!

Bianca: aww dont say that gabe will show up

Katelyn : and if he dosent you can dance with noah

Talia katelyn noahs your brother

Katelyn: oh

Brittney Walks over to them with Cameron*

Taila: hi Brittney

Brittney: hi

Katelyn: brittney is cameron youre date

Cameron: no

Brittney: no were just friends

Talia: I wish that Gabe was here to suprise me and be with me!

Gabe walks in*

Bianca: OMG talia turn around

Talia:  why

Bianca: turn around

Gabe: Talia, May I have this dance?

Bianca and Katelyn:say yes

Talia: Yes (blushing)

Gabe takes Talia's hand*

Gabe and Talia start dancing*

Talia: I thought you were going with Rachel?

Gabe: I rather be with you!

Talia: Awww that's so sweet!

The dance later ends*

Everyone applauds*

Rachel walks in*

Rachel: Why are you dancing with Talia?

Gabe: Because I over heard you and Talia in the hallway!

Rachel: But Talia's lying!

Jessica: Yeah right

Bianca : you dumped a smoothie on talias head

Brittney and we took her back to our house

Katelyn: yep

Gabe Wait she did

Katelyn and Bianca : oh yeah

Gabe: Rachel I thought you were my type but now I rather be with Talia more than you!

Rachel: What? Ugh!

Rachel walks away*

Gabe: Sorry that I went out with Rachel!

Talia: It's okay!

Gabe: I have something to tell you!

Talia: What is it?

Gabe: When over heard you and Rachel, you said you liked me!

Talia: Oh well do you like me?

Gabe: Yes, I like you!

Talia: Just one second!

Talia goes to custodian room*

Talia: Yes! He likes me!

Talia opens door*

Talia: Okay I'm done!

Scene 14Edit

At the Greens house

doorbell rings*

Skyla and Cara answer door*

Skyla: Hello! I'm Skyla! And I love presents!

Gabe: Hi, well is Talia here?

Talia: Tallllliiii!

Talia comes downstairs*

Talia: Oh hi, Gabe!

Gabe: Hi, Tal!

Gabe closes door and sits down at couch with Talia*

Gabe: Well now that we're dating, we should hang out sometime!

Cara and Skyla pop out of nowhere*

Cara and Skyla: Talia and Gabe sittin in the tree K I S S I N G..............

Talia ignores*

Talia: Sorry about that and yes but first I need your number, and I'll give you mine!

Cara and Skyla keep chanting

Gabe writes down phone number*

Gabe: Here you go! (Passes phone number to Talia)

Talia: Thank you, and here is mine!

Gabe: Thank you!

Cara and Skyla: Then comes Tabe in the baby carriage!

Cara: This is so much fun!

Skyla: Yay!

Episode ends


  • Starla returns as a recurring character.

this is Brittney Hampton and Jessica Hamptons first appearance on the show

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