General Information
Nickname Starlie
Intimacy Level One way crush
Started Dating Possibly after Babysitter It Up
Dating Status Friends
Starlynn is the romantic/friendship/babysitter-to-kid being babysitted relationship. Starla is 14 and Flynn is 11, but Flynn is madly in love. Starla may or may not return her feelings to Flynn because she thinks of them as friends. This pairing may or may not happen because Flynzy or Starle might happen. Starlynn mainly rivals Flynzy. Flynn likes Starla but, Starla doesn't his love. She thinks of them as friends.

Additional Names for the PairingEdit

  • Starlynn- Starl/a and Flynn
  • Flyna- Flyn/n and Starl/a
  • Starlaynn- Starla and Fl/ynn
  • Flyla- Fly/nn and Star/la

Rivals Edit

Starlynn MomentsEdit

Season 1Edit

Babysitter It UpEdit

  • Flynn wants Starla all to himself.
  • Starla babysits Flynn even though she is a 3 years older than him.
  • Starla described Flynn as "cute" , but in a puppy dog way.
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