Sky These rules are not finished yet,but they still apply to all users especially wikia contributors.


  1. No cursing!
  2. Ages of all sorts are allowed to visit/edit this wiki,but please no innapropiate information!
  3. Since this is a fanon wiki, the information from the actual show is not needed.
  4. No messing up templates!
  5. No ship bashing!

If you break a rule,that will cost you an immediate ban! No excuses!


Admins help and edit all around the wiki. The current admins are:

  1. Fiolet4eva
  2. Disneylover16
  3. SamFreddieLove
  4. Goerge678
  5. Ruby12
  6. Arielarouramermaid

If you are interested in being an admin,go here,and here.


When you create an episode,you are supposed to put scenes for it. In Heading 2,you can put "Scenes" and write the scenes. Scripts are hardly used,but the founder uses it alot. Please notify an admin if you want to write an actual script. The whole fanon wiki is basically a series.


If you make up a character, it must be a one-time character. It can't have romantic things if he/she is already dating someone. But if you make an episode with Talia or Starla liking Gabe, then that would be okay.

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