Shake It Up, Chicago
[[Shake It Up Logo|250px]]
Vital statistics
Type dance show
Level unknown
Location Chicago, Illinois
Inhabitants Gary Wilde (former)
Ty Blue

Shake It Up, Chicago is a T.V. show where dancers perform.

Host Edit

  • Snappy Sammy (former; mentioned in "Whodunit It Up")
  • Gary Wilde (former)
  • Ty Blue (current host)

Known Dancers Edit

Season 2 Logo

Dance Crews Edit

  • AKsquared
  • The Highlighters
  • Instant Noodles
  • Quest Crew
  • Breaksk8
  • Saltare
  • Poreotics
  • JabbaWockeeZ
  • Jungle Boogie
  • Beat Freaks
  • ICONic BoyZ
  • |.am.mE
  • Eclactic Gentlemen
  • The Vixens
  • The Electrolytes
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