Rockwell House2
Cara room

Cara's Room

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Rachel's Room

  • hangout room
  • family room
  • office
  • dining room (right next to kitchen)
  • 9.5 bathrooms (each bedroom has a bathroom, there is also a washroom and full bathroom downstairs, not all bathrooms have been seen)
  • master bedroom (inside hasn't been seen yet, the outside has been seen)
  • guest bedroom
  • storage room (hasn't been seen yet)
  • 3 closets (not including bedroom closets)
Jades room
  • bonus room (used as an entertainment room)
  • laundry room
  • big backyard (includes a pool, jacuzzi, grass, plants, a table, and backyard couches/chairs)
  • pool (outside)
  • jacuzzi (outside)
  • screening room
  • game room
  • lounge (upstairs, you enter it when you go upstairs)
  • Dance Room (Rockwell House)

Colette's Room


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