Rachel is a wonderful dancer. I can't believe she's never been on the bottom of the pyramid. She is such a good dancer that she's been on the top for 6 weeks in a row.
Maddie describing Rachel
Rachel is such an amazing dancer! She's a great role model for me. She never gets 6th place or below. She is like Abby's favorite because she never gets yelled at. All her dances are so good that I wish I was her. She is such a wonderful best friend to have!
Kendall describing Rachel
Rachel is a great dancer! She's won many many titles and awards. She has amazing emotions through her dancing. Rachel and her sisters are all talented dancers. I don't normally put her on the bottom of the pyramid, but mostly in the middle. Her turns are wonderful and flawless!
Abby describing Rachel
Rachel Rockwell

Younger rachel



Untitled rachel

Peyton List as Rachel


Full Name

Rachel Mikayla Rockwell


@RachRock579 (Instagram account)
@rachelrockwell543 (Twitter account)



Date of Birth

January 17, 1999 (age 15) 4:19am

Resides in

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


Straight A Student
Competition Dancer
Competition Singer
ALDC dancer

Eye Color


Hair Color



The Rockwell Family
Colette Rockwell
Jade Rockwell
Amber Rockwell
Cara Rockwell
Ally Rockwell
Madison Rockwell Marissa Rockwell Lisa Rockwell Keith Rockwell


Gabe Martinez (briefly dated; crush) Jake (boyfriend))


Talia Green
Skyler Ross
Starla Micheals
Bianca Carter
Katelyn Hampton
Sydney Ross
Maddie Ziegler
Kendall Vertes
Brooke Hyland
Mackenzie Ziegler
Kalani Hilliker


John Hughes High School


Dance Team
Singing Team
Drama Club

First Episode

Babysitter It Up
Steal My Crush Away It Up

Last Episode


Portrayed By

Peyton List

Rachel Mikayla Rockwell is a smart, intelligent, and very fashionable 15 year old girl. She is very popular and dances on the ALDC. She is the twin sister of Madison.


  • Me and You by Laura Marano
  • Let It Go from Frozen
  • Something to Dance For by Zendaya
  • I Stand by Idina Menzel
  • Fearless by Olivia Holt
  • Best Year by Debby Ryan


  • Rachel is twin sisters with Madison
  • She dances on the ALDC
  • She is very popular
  • She is 4 minutes younger than Madison
  • Her favorite dances to perform are jazz, lyrical, and acro and is strongest at those dances
  • Her favorite dances to watch are jazz, musical theatre, and acrobatic jazz.
  • She has been the lead role in 9 TV shows and in 5 movies
  • She has been the recurring role in 7 TV shows
  • Rachel has been in a supporting role in 4 TV shows
  • She's been in 2 commercials
  • Her worst style of dance to perform is ballet
  • She is mostly on the middle or the top of the pyramid
  • She is very flexible
  • She has won more than 1000 titles
  • Rachel and her sister are both amazing dancers

Rachel's dance outfit

School dance dress

Rachel's school dance dress

Rachel dance outfit


Season 1

Week 1: Middle

Week 2: Middle

Week 3: Middle

Week 4: N/A

Week 5: N/A

Week 6: Bottom

Week 7: Middle

Week 8: N/A

Week 9: Middle

Week 10: Bottom

Week 11: Middle

Week 12: Middle

Week 13: N/A

Week 14: Straight Line

Season 2

Week 1: Top

Week 2: Middle

Week 3: Middle

Week 4: Bottom

Week 5: Middle

Week 6: Middle

Week 7: Middle

Week 8: Middle

Week 9: Top

Week 10: Middle

Week 11: N/A

Week 12: Bottom

Week 13: Top

Week 14: Middle

Week 15: Straight Line


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