Rachel at a date with Gabe

General Information
Nickname Best Couple
Cutest Couple
Intimacy Level Friends
Started Dating Steal My Crush Away It Up
Dating Status Exes

Rabe is the pairing between Rachel Rockwell and Gabe Martinez. They started dating in Steal My Crush Away It Up but they broke up because Gabe found out Rachel is a bad girl. But they got back together in Memory Lane It Up. This pairing mainly rivals Starle and Galia

They are portrayed by Peyton List and Bradley Steven Perry.

Other Names Edit

  • Rachabe (Rach/hel, G/abe)
  • Gachel (Ga/be, Ra/chel)
  • Rocktinez (Rock/well, Mar/tinez)
  • Peyley (Pey/ton, Brad/ley)
  • Rabe (Ra/chel, Ga/be)
  • Gabel (Gab/e, Rach/el)
  • Braton (Bra/dley, Pey/ton)
  • Grach (G/abe, Rach/el)
  • Gach (Ga/be, Ra/ch/el)
  • Rache (Rach/el, Gab/e)
  • Bradton (Brad/ley, Pey/ton)
  • Brapey (Bra/dley, Pey/ton)
  • Tonley (Pey/ton, Brad/ley)
  • Leyton (Brad/ley, Pey/ton)
  • Marwell (Mar/tinez, Rock/well)

Rivals Edit

Notes Edit

  • They worked together in Good Luck Jessie NYC Christmas!
  • They didn't interact in Good Luck Jessie NYC Christmas!
  • He started dating Rachel in Steal My Crush Away It Up but, broke up with her when he found out she was a bad girl.
  • They got back together in Memory Lane It Up and in Date Decision It Up.

Similarities and Differences Edit

Similarities Edit

  • They both are honors students.
  • They are 9th graders.
  • They don't wear glasses.
  • They both attend John Hughes High School.

Differences Edit

  • Gabe has brown hair and Rachel has blond hair.
  • Rachel was born in January and Gabe was born in July.

Fanon Edit

Official Color

Dark Purple, Purple+Black= Dark Purple

Official Number

10, Rachel+Gabe

Official Episode

Steal My Crush Away It Up, because that's the episode where they started dating

Official Day

February 14th, because that's when Steal My Crush Away It Up aired

Moments Edit

Steal My Crush Away It Up Edit

  • They started dating.
  • They broke up.
  • Gabe decided to go to the school dance with Rachel but changed his mind and went with Talia.

Memory Lane It Up Edit

  • They got back together.

First Kiss It Up Edit

  • They had their first kiss

Date Decision It Up Edit

  • Gabe decided to date Rachel instead of Starla and Talia

Surprise It Up Edit

  • They broke up again.
  • Gabe started dating Starla instead of Rachel.


  • Many people ship them.
  • Over 1,000 people at their high school say that they are the "best couple ever".
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