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Molly Mckenna Hampton
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General Information
Gender: Female
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Brown
Address: Chicago, Illinois former Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania current
Occupation(s): Cheerleader
Dancer on Shake It Up, Chicago
Family & Friends
Family: Jeremy Hampton (brother)
Lindsay Hampton (sister) Katelyn Hampton sisterAnna Hampton sister Paige Hampton sister Brittney Hampton sister Jessica Hampton sister Tristan Hampton brother Felicity Hampton sister

Taylor Hampton sister Melissa mother Chris Hampton dad Edith Hampton Grandmother Christine Hampton aunt Aaron Thomas uncle Darcy Thomas cousin Jennifer Thomas cousin Cayden Thomas cousin Devon Thomas cousin Gretchen Thomas cousin

Friends: CeCe Jones, Rocky Blue, Dez Goldsworthy, Deuce Martinez, Brooke Hyland Rachel Watson Maddie Carter Audrina Rockwell Savannah Trent
Relationships: Derek Carter (Boyfriend)

Brandon Micheals (Crush; kissed)

Enemies: Mackenzie Anderson
Other Information
Education: John Hughes High School
Series Information
First appearance: Mall Disaster It Up
Last appearance: TBA
Portrayed By: Katelyn Tarver
Molly Hampton is the friend of Dez Goldworthy she is a student at   John Hughes High School and a cheerleader, dancer  she is dating Derek Carter and is close to her sisters Brittney Hampton Lindsay Hampton she dislikes Mackenzie   because shes rude   to Maddie Carter
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Images mollys school dance dress
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molly in her room

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Brittney HamptonEdit

brittney and molly get along well she give great styling tips to her

Jessica Hampton Edit

molly and jessica are close molly give great advice about boys to her

Lindsay HamptonEdit

Lindsay  and molly are close they mostly get along well

Jeremy Hampton

jeremy is mollys  brother he and molly have a great bond

Katelyn HamptonEdit

katelyn is mollys younger sister they get along well


  • If U Seek Amy By Britney Spears
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