John Hughes High School



Vital Statistics
Type Public
Location Chicago, Illinois
Principal Principal Rabinoff
Vice Principal Vice Principal Winslow
Grades 9-12
Colors Blue and White
Mascot Bulldogs

Known Students Edit

Freshmen (9th grade)Edit

Sophomores (10th grade)Edit

Juniors (11th grade)Edit

Seniors (12th grade)Edit

Former StudentsEdit

Known Staff Edit

  • Mr. Polk (teacher)
  • Coach Lessaur (gym teacher, basic math teacher)
  • Miss Burke (librariain)
  • Mr. Zigfield (poetry teacher)
  • Mrs. Rubenstien (science teacher)
  • Vice Principal Winslow (vice principal)
  • Principal Rabinoff (principal)

Trivia Edit

  • The school has purple lockers

Known Classes Edit

  • Click here for the list of classes
  • Honors History
  • Basic Math
  • Science
  • Honors Math (mentioned)
  • Algebra
  • Honers Classes
  • Spanish
  • P.E. (gym)
  • Honors Science
  • Poetry
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