Jade Rockwell

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Full Name

Jade Victoria Rockwell


PopularStudent193 (Instagram)
@starjade542 (Twitter)



Date of Birth

May 16, 1998 (age 16)

Resides in

Chicago, Illinois


A+ student
Popular Student

Eye Color


Hair Color



The Rockwell Family
Rachel Rockwell
Marissa Rockwell Amber Rockwell
Cara Rockwell
Anna Rockwell Audrina Rockwell sister Travis Rockwell brother
Abgail Rockwell aunt
Lisa Rockwell mom Keith Rockwell dad


Gavin Trent (ex boyfriend, possible crush) Brandon Micheals boyfriend


Skyler Ross
Rocky Blue
Alexa Ross Mackenzie Anderson Adrienne Parker Alexa Trent Lauren Watson


John Hughes High School


Shake It Up, Chicago

First Episode

School Dance It Up

Last Episode

New Years Love It Up

Portrayed By

Bridgit Mendler

Jade Rockwell is a smart, intelligent, fashionable, and kind popular 16 year old girl. She is frenemies with Starla Micheals, Lindsay Hampton, Maddie Carter, Rachel Watson, and Felicity Hampton. She is portrayed by Bridgit Mendler.

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Personality Edit

Jade is a smart and pretty girl who dances on Shake It Up, Chicago. She is very nice like her sisters, Rachel, Amber, and Cara Rockwell. Jade is an amazing singer and dancer.

Appearance Edit

Jade has blond hair and brown eyes. She wears pretty tops with shorts or jeans. She rarely is seen in a skirt or dress.


  • Wrecking Ball by Miley Cyrus
  • Mr.Know It All by Kelly Clarkson
  • Hurricane by Bridget Mendler (her actress)
  • Ready or Not by Bridgit Mendler
  • Top of the World by Bridgit Mendler
  • Blonde by Bridgit Mendler

Relationships Edit

Rachel Rockwell (2000-present) Edit

Rachel and Jade's Relationship

Rachel and Jade


Jade helps Rachel when she needs help. They talk to each other at school.

Bridgit Mendler - The Hurricane Sessions

Amber Rockwell (2002-present) Edit

Jade and Amber's Relationship

They don't have a great relationship because they go to different schools. But Jade sometimes helps Amber with her homework and cares for her.

Cara Rockwell (2006-present) Edit

Cara and Jade's Relationship

Jade cares about Cara a lot because she is the youngest.

Starla Micheals (2013-present) Edit

Starla and Jade's Relationship

Jade doesn't like Starla because she thinks Starla is dumb. They are Frenemies but, they might like each other. They were picked to be together in a science project in Date Decision It Up.

Skyler Ross (2013-present) Edit

Jade and Skyler's Relationship

Jade and Skyler are best friends.

Gavin Trent (2013-present) Edit

Jade and Gavin's Relationship

Gavin is Jade's ex- boyfriend. Jade might still have a crush on him.

Trivia Edit

  • She has an amazing voice
  • She is super smart
  • Jade is great at dancing
  • She is popular at school
  • She has been in many singing competitions
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