General Information
Nickname Galia
Intimacy Level Dating
Started Dating Steal My Crush Away It Up, Hot Cocoa It Up
Dating Status Dating

Galia is the friendship/romantic pairing of Gabe Martinez and Talia Green.

Current Status: Dating Edit

Sypnosis Edit

Gabe and Talia used to crush on each other. In Steal My Crush Away It Up, Gabe breaks up with his girlfriend, Rachel, on Valentine's Day, because she was a bad girl who was mean to Talia. So, the started dating from then on. They broke up again because Gabe thought Talia liked Connor. Connor and Talia eventually did start dating, making Gabe more and jealous. However, it was revealed Talia liked Connor, but not as much as Gabe. In Hot Cocoa It Up, when Connor dumps Talia, she is heartbroken, and Gabe is the only one there for her. They then kiss and start dating once again.




  • G. Hannelius and Bradley Steven Perry have worked together on Good Luck Charlie.
  • Gabe dumps Rachel because he found out that she was a bad girl and started a new relationship with Talia.

Galia FactsEdit

Official color - black + blue = dark blue

Official episode - Steal My Crush Away It Up Because they started dating in Steal My Crush Away It Up.

Galia day - February 14th Because they started dating on February 14th.

Official Number - 13 Because Gabe and Talia are 13 years old.

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