Fireworks It Up
Season 1, Episode 5
First Aired July 4, 2012
Production Code 105
Writer(s) Lindseyaful
Director(s) Lindseyaful
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"Mall Disaster It Up"
"Mountain It Up"

"Fireworks It Up" is the 5th episode of the fanon series and the 1st holiday episode


It's the 4th of July in Chicago, and Rocky and Cece meet a mystery guy at a 4th of July party. They want to know who he really is, but it turns out to be a guy named, Dez and he is neither Rocky or CeCe's type. Meanwhile, Bree, Talia, Suzy, Skyla, and Ty try to sneak in a secret fun party. Later, Deuce and Flynn made a firework mishap.


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