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Angelina has this spark shes really a talented dancer I'm glad I found her an put her on the ALDC - Abby Lee Miller describing Angelina Anderson
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Angelina Anderson
Full Name

Angelina Michelle Anderson





Date of Birth

January 5 1999

Resides in

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Eye Color


Hair Color



Connie Anderson mother Mark Anderson father Ginger Anderson grandmother Chelsea Anderson sister Mackenzie Anderson sister Brody Anderson brother Jesse Anderson brother Erica Anderson sister Alana Anderson twin sister


Devon Thomas crush


Katelyn Hampton Starla Micheals Bianca Carter Maddie Ziegler Paige Hyland

First Episode

Talent Show It Up

Last Episode


Portrayed By

Selena Gomez

she has this fire and passion to be a dancer and shes amazing at what she can do she was born to be a dancer
Connie Anderson Describing Angelina
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the smile

angelina listening to alana

Well maybe shes mean for no reason
— Angelina talking to Alana in Talent Show It Up
shes a special dancer shes passanionate about what she does I'm proud of my little girl
Mark Anderson describing Angelina
Angelina is a awesome dancer I'm amazed about what dances she can do shes like a close friend
Paige Hyland describing Angelina
Angelina is Alana Andersons twin sister

 shes different from alana she is close  to her father and mother  grandmother and  her siblings  shes friends  with katelyn hampton  bianca carter starla micheals she has a great realtionship with her twin sister alana  


angelina is  most like her sister  but differrent she wears  shirts  plaid jackets and jeans  sometimes dresses and tunics  she most often  wears  sneakers or  converses  but rarely high heels she has the smile of a angel

200 s

Angelina in season 2


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Alex Russo


angelina playing a prank on mackenzie


  • She is 14 seconds younger than alana
  • her fave disney princess is jasmine
  •  shes  love the 90 boy bands  like nsync and backstreet boys
  • mandy moore is her role model
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  • her celebrity crush is justin timberlake
  • she has a crush a  on devon thomas
  • she used to have a crush on braydon trent
  •  her facebook is angie anderson
  • her twitter is prettygirl190
  • she follows her sister alana and her friends starla bianca jeremy   and katelyn
  • she has 2,000 followers on twitter
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    Angelina in her holloween costume

  • her fave person in trhe world is her mother Connie Anderson
  •  shes a part of the ALDC
  •  shes a  amazing dancer and singer
  • she  played a prank on mackenzie
  •  her  fave food is sushi
  •  her fave drink is iced tea or lemonade
  • she doesnt have a youtube channel or instagram 
  •  shes friends with  Paige Hyland   also  Maddie Ziegler
  •  she makes awesome brownies
  •  her fave movie is tangled
  • her best dance is lyrical   ballet  or hip hop
    Superpop-noti vertical magos

    the Angelina face

  •  shes usually on the middle top and straight line of the pyramid
  •  she video chats  with her father Mark Anderson after dance class and  after competetions
  •  she usually wins 1st or 2nd place
  •  she hates tacos
  •  she 904 tweets 
  • her snapchat is princessangie145
  • shes won over  90 trophies
  • she has won  over 80 titles
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  • she dressed up as tinkerbell for halloween
  • her fave color is neon purple
  •  shes a big fan of  jessica simpson
  • abby has yelled her once
  •  abby  says she has the angelina face  right next to the starla face
  • ​abby ​says she works hard on her dances
  • her fave bands are westlife ateens
    IMG 3667pm38

    Angelinas dance costume for her crush solo

      and otown 
    Angies dance uni
  • she was named after angelina jolie
  • she loves to read  her fave book is harry potter and the half blood prince
  • her mother Connie Anderson said she was born to dance 
  •  she gets As Bs  and A+
  • Alana Anderson her twin  is proud of her and  supports her
  • like starla shes rarley at the bottom
  • her fave tv show is the simpsons
  • she won 1st place for her cry solo
  • she has 80 crowns


  • us against the world by play
  •  im gonna make you love me by play
  • Cry by Mandy Moore ( this was her first solo on Dance Moms It Up)
  • crush by mandy moore ( this was her 2nd solo)
  •  he said she said by ashley tisdale
  • i cant help myself by nobodys angel
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