Alternate Universe It Up
Season 2, Episode 1
First Aired October 2012
Production Code 201
Writer(s) Goerge678
Director(s) Goerge678
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"Leave It Up"
"Teddy Bear It Up"

"Alternate Universe It Up" is a 2 hour special episode written and directed by Goerge678


Part 1

Part 1 begins at John Hughes High School science fair when CeCe brought her giant eye ball again to get another participant ribbon. After that, Rocky came up with a giant science project which is a portal to an alternate universe. Deuce and Ty come up asking Rocky how did she create it but Rocky had no answer but she say "Let's just say I stayed up working on this". On the west side of the school Dez is introducing his science project which was just a paper clip and a penny (because he spend all his time goofing off like always) which he recevied a ribbon that says: "Better Luck Next Time". Next was Bree who introduced her science project but it turn out to be her make-up collection. She recevied the same ribbon like Dez's. This scene ends with Bree being bummed.

In the next scene of Part 1, the judges are at the south side of the school where Austin and Derek are about to show there science project. Bree rans to the judges hoping that she could get her grade up but the judge said "NO". Then Bree runs to girls bathroom. After that the judges went to Austin's project which was a example of the galaxy which is mostly what everyone did. The judges decides to give him a "Better Luck Next Time" ribbon. Then the judges went to Derek's science project which was a Volcano. The judges responded that, this was so first grade. After that, Bree takes Skyla off from school telling her to beat up the judges because she know's karate. More of this scene coming soon.........


Main Cast

Recurring Cast


  • The episode is divided in to 4 parts
  • This episode is planning to have a Alternate Ending