OLivia8 We are currently looking for admins!

These are all the admins of the Shake It Up Fanon! Wiki! Admins run the wiki and take care off everything that needs to be taken care of! You can send these admins a message on their talk page if you have any questions about the wiki or are interested in becoming an admin yourself! Also, if you have any problems such as harassment by other users, problems editing, or things like that, just contact one of the admins! They are here to help!

Disneylover16 · Message Wall · Blog

Admin, Bureaucrat. Chat Moderator.Rollback. Founder. Edits and creates pages alot.
Status: Inactive

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Admin. Chat Moderator,Rollback,Bureacrat. Edits,and creates pages. Watches for vandelism.
Status: Inactive

Jesus Agustin
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Admin, Bureaucrat. Edits and creates pages and announce new seasons.
Status: Semi-active

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Status: Inactive

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Admin, creates pages, edits a lot
Status: Active

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Admin, creates pages, edits a lot
Status: Active

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Chat moderator, edits a lot
Status: Active

Adminstrator Abilities

Admins are trusted users, who are generally chosen by the community and also have access to the following tools:

  • they have all privileges from the chat moderator and rollback groups and also have the ability to:
    • delete and undelete pages, as well as delete images or files (it is not possible to undelete images or files).
    • lock (protect) a page so it cannot be edited or renamed by users without adminship privileges.
    • block users who are vandalising the wiki from editing.
    • grant and revoke chat moderator rights.
    • edit the wiki's skin and format.
    • edit MediaWiki pages.

For more details, see the Help:Administrators' how-to guide.

How to become an Admin,Bureacrat,or Chat mod

Here are the things to become an admin:

  • Have at least 200 edits.
  • Be a great user.
  • Edit alot.
  • Be an admin on other wikis(at least 2+ more wikis).
  • Be ranked really high.


  • Have at least 400 edits.

More reasons coming soon when we have more admins!

Chat Mods

  • Have at least 100 edits.
  • Be a good user/leader.
  • Be on chat a lot.
  • Must of a history of not vandelizing.

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